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Direct Eskom customers

Backup systems for power failures and load shedding.

Backup systems for power failures and load shedding.



What are you options during load shedding:


Generators are great for bigger companies and outdoor type businesses but are not very practical for small business and homes

Cons of using generators:

  • They are Noisy and produce vibrations
  • Require petrol/diesel
  • Usually don’t have automatic switchover
  • Produce fumes
  • High maintenance cost
  • Sometimes tricky to start

Battery and inverter back:

Best solution for homes and small business to keep essential equipment running during load shedding. In essence the battery is charged by electricity when available, during downtimes the battery and inverter will provide power.

Cons of using inverter and battery

  • Uptime depends on battery size and power used
  • Batteries are expensive
  • Mostly for devices that does not use a lot of power like, TV’s, LED lights and computers


Solar and wind

Solar and wind systems are basically the same as the inverter , battery system, the wind and the solar panels are used to charge the batteries